Psychic Witness
TLC channel, March 1, 2006
(the actual script from this televised program)

Psychic Witness: Overkill, the title, is shown on TLC channel, March 1, 2006 second half-hour; Gregory Douglas Turner In Ohio, a family struggles with another tragedy they will never understand.

(Me, shown, saying: Dedicated to my son.) Xenia, Ohio, December, 1992. Twenty-three-year old Greg Turner is in his peak physical shape. For years he’s honed his body, hoping to serve his country in the United States Marines. (actor playing Doug is lifting weights in a bedroom) But due to his poor eyesight and need for two hearing aids, his application to the Corps was denied.

Still, Greg is content. (the door to Doug’s room opens, actor playing Dan enters: “Hey,” Dan—“Hey” Doug.

Dan: “I have a surprise for you.”)

He lives with his dad but has an adoring girlfriend whom he plans to marry. Greg Turner is looking forward to a long and happy life. (shows Jeanine entering Doug’s room, them hugging and Dan smiling upon the happy couple)

On the morning of December 3rd, a resident of Greg’s apartment complex calls the police. She thinks someone slaughtered a deer in the parking lot. (shows woman looking out second story window into the parking lot holding a phone in her hand: “Someone has been killing deer … there is blood everywhere.”

Responding officers call in homicide Detective, Dan Savage.) Dan Savage, live, “and I started finding hair and tissue and other things that I knew were not from a deer.” Detective Dan Donahue works the case. Dan Donahue, live: “We found (shows detectives in the parking lot, searching) “broken eyeglass lens. Closer examination of the scene we found small bone fragments that appear to be skull fragments. Also found a small battery (shows them finding, marking, tagging evidence at the crime scene) “the type that you would find in a hearing aid. Homicide here, this is … (Something terrible has happened!)

Dan Donahue, in person (taped) “Our assumption at this point in time is that the victim of this crime is dead. There is, there is (choked up) no way that anybody could have survived those type of injuries (guts, brain tissue and large quantities of blood lay on the ground) (But … WHO was the victim?)
Dan Donahue, in person (taped): “We started checking the apartments in the complex to see if we could account for everyone. During that time we found out that Greg Turner, who lived with his father in the apartment complex, was not home.

(The TV shows detectives knocking on Dan Turners’ door: “Do you live here alone?”

Actor playing Dan: “No, my son lives with me”)

D.Donahue: “And his car was parked on the street where he normally parked it when he came home at night. (“Does your son wear glasses?” the actors asked actor Dan Turner who replied: “Yes and two hearing-aids.”)

D.Donahue: “Once we learned from his father that Greg wore glasses and hearing aids … It was at that point that we pretty much determined that Greg Turner was our victim in this crime.) (“It might be your son.”

Greg’s father can’t believe it: “It isn’t my son. Are you sure?” detective: About 100% positive.)

Dan Savage, in person (taped): “Is he dead? Because we don’t have a sample of, of his son’s blood to compare it to at that time, we do not have an absolute guarantee that this was his son. He was the only one missing from the area but, like any father would, he had the hope that we would find his son and that he would be okay.”

(D. Turner: “My son was pretty well liked by everybody. He got along good with everybody.”

Yet investigators know this case will NOT have a happy ending.) D. Donahue live (on tape): “We found something …” The family deserves answers and justice.

(Actors: Jeanine to Doug "Let's go eat.")
And before long, a psychic will help them get both. Karyol Dirkpatrick live (on tape) "There are people who speculate on what might have happened at a crime scene. But there is only one incident that happened and that's what I want to see." Xenia, Ohio police believed Greg Turner has been murdered.
(James, Jeanine and Doug are playing pool together)a graphic scene of James arguing with Doug over Jeanine) … though they still don't have a body.
Greg’s mother, Sandra Corona, refuses to give up hope Me, Sandra S. Corona, (on tape): “I didn’t have the feeling in my heart that he was gone. I felt that maybe he was severely injured. Maybe someone was taking care of him somewhere. So my thought was that it’s going to be okay. I mean, you know, it’s GOT to be okay.”
Detective Dan Savage believes … (show him) …”Greg knew the killer.” (a graphic scene of James arguing with Doug over Jeanine).
Dan Savage, live, (taped) “If it’s a robbery, you don’t take the body. You know, you go up and take a guy’s wallet, you thump or whatever and you leave. This was brutal. This was overkill. This was personal.”

They talk to Greg’s girlfriend. (knocking on Jeanine’s door, talking to her. actor Savage: “Who would want to hurt him?”
Actress: Jeanine: “No. No. Nobody wanted to hurt Greg.”
Dan Savage, live (taped): “She’s in denial. Don’t want to talk about it, not him, didn’t happen. To the point we finally had to come out and say, “Look, he’s gone and you need to start helping us. If you know anything or if you can give us any direction.” (actress Jeanine; “Well ….) She tells Savage and Detective Dan Donahue about an ex-boyfriend.
Dan Savage, live (taped): “We did learn that day that she had a former boyfriend, James Keihl, but the information we got was that Greg and James got along just fine. There were no problems between them.”

When other interviews reveal a different story Dan Donahue, live (taped): “We did talk to someone who mentioned that James Keihl had problems over the girlfriend issue and that was the first we had heard that there was a problem with that. So, we set up an interview with Mr. Keihl.
(actor James at police station. actor Savage greets him, “Thanks for coming by) D. Savage (taped): “I sat and spoke with him and there is something that just didn’t set right. You only get overkill in the personal attack when you’ve got somebody that’s got a reason to do it.”
(actor James: “No, it’s not like that. It’s just, you know, small town gossip.”) D. Savage (taped): “And of all the people I had talked to, this man sitting in front of me was the only one who had a reason to do it. And so I started narrowing in on him. Trying to see, who is James Keihl and what can I find out about him.) (in the station: “Where were you the night of the murder?”)
D. Savage (taped): “There wasn’t a whole lot (to go on).

(actor James: “I was up all night.”) Savage: “…except that he had this fascination with this young lady and she had left him for Greg.” (actor James: “It’s just a thing I do.) (Gut instinct tells Savage he has the right man … but … he needs proof. A colleague suggests that he contact a psychic.

Greg’s mother agrees.) Me: “I know they do things that nobody else can do and I needed to find my son and I told them ‘Whatever you need to do, do it! Bring me my son!’”

Savage calls psychic Karoyl Kirkpatrick (reenactment actress Kirkpatrick answers the phone, ‘Hello.’) D. Savage: “I said, ‘I need some help here. I was told maybe you can help me.” I said, ‘This really is different for me and, we will see what we’ve got.’”
K. Kirkpatrick (taped) “Maybe he was beaten too.” Because Karyol reads situations by listening to a person’s voice, she asks Savage a simple question to take his mind off the case.”
D. Savage: “And she goes, ‘I need to know what the weather is like there today,’ I said, ‘It’s cloudy, it’s cold and it’s windy.’ and she goes, “You are looking at a lover’s triangle.” K. Kirkpatrick (taped): “I felt that there was something of a jealousy that was creating the upset, the turmoil and the problem.” This fit Savage’s theory of the crime. But Karyol’s next vision does not. K. Kirkpatrick: “I felt that he had been shot.”

(reenactment: James: “What the hell are you doing with my girl?”

D. Savage: There was nothing at the scene that ever gave us any evidence that there was ever a firearm introduced to it. There’s no expended cartridges.” (actor Kirkpatrick visualizes this : James shoots Doug in the abdomen with a 22 rifle, then grabs an axe after Doug falls down and raises it behind Doug)
D. Savage: “… no spray off. Nothing that showed a weapon was involved of that type. I’m not discarding it, I’m taking everything serious but I’m skeptical. What about the body?”

Kirkpatrick actress SEES James driving (with Doug in the vehicle) Kirkpatrick: “I said the person that shot him, after killing him, put him in the truck and drove him up Route 72 and 42.” D. Savage: “She goes, ‘I hear water running. I see a shallow grave. Some wood coming around it. I see a wood fence, you know, I see this wood fence.” Kirkpatrick: “I picked up John Bryan Park.”

D. Savage: “John Bryan Park is actually in the area where James lived. James actually lived across the road from it.”

Kirkpatrick: “And I also told them that somehow there is a blue car involved in or with the murder.” D. Savage: “It’s a bug like. And she goes, ‘Not a Volkswagon but it’s rounded and for some reason in the trunk.’ And that’s, she goes, ‘that’s all I got right now. Bye bye.” Savage is cautiously optimistic.

D. Savage: “But I wrote it all down and I thought, I’m going to use it, if something happens it still falls back on the detectives. You can’t expect them to give you everything and solve the crime and was very clear about that. I’ll give you, I’ll give you what I see but you are going to have to do it … figure out what it means.” Savage gets to work.

D. Savage: “I called James back in for a second interview. Asked him what he drove. What kind of car he had. He said that he had a little red vehicle but, because of a recent accident, he now drives his mom’s car.”
D. Savage: “And I said, ‘Okay. What color is it?” (graphics depicting the pair of them talking. The actor, James, says, “It’s blue.”) Karyol saw a blue car, with something important in the trunk. D. Savage: “I’m thinking ‘this is cool’ and I thought, ‘All right, this is here, let’s give it the once over. Let’s really, let’s, let’s look.’ and so I looked through it. And I said, ‘Do you mind opening the trunk? Can I look in it?’ So he opens up the trunk and about the size of ….
Actors do this on the screen D. Savage (continued)”the top of a pencil eraser I see one small drop of blood. And I said, Well, what’s that?’) Actors doing this still James’ actor: “I don’t know. Well, my mother she has groceries in here.”) D. Savage. “Which seemed like a good reason.”) Graphics: James’ actor “May have been from hamburger or the meat or whatever.”

Savage actor: “Do you mind if we get a sample of that?” James’ actor: “No, go ahead.” D. Savage: “I told him, ‘I’ll be right back.’ So I called one of our evidence techs … Graphics on screen portraying this D. Savage: “… he swabbed it and from the first indications that it was Greg Turner’s blood.” (Savage is on the right track but he still hasn’t found Greg’s body.

A visit from the psychic will bring him closer.) (the actor, Dan, again opening the door to the actor Doug’s room, “I have a surprise for you. Look who’s here.”) In Ohio, Greg Turner is presumed dead … and police have a prime suspect, James Keihl. (graphics: James’ actor: “You know we played pool together sometimes. We also … “Shows Jeanine, Doug and James around a pool table, laughing, Jeanine kissing Doug.) Detectives consult psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick again. Kirkpatrick: “I talked to Dan Savage about it and he was afraid to arrest, he was afraid ‘what if this young man did NOT do it, that he would be ruining his life. And I was just absolutely sure that he HAD done it. I said, ‘You have got to go back and question him again.’”

Detective Savage again talks to Keihl, this time in his home, to study his reaction during a search of his house. (Graphics depict them standing in Keihl’s room by a window that looks out into their backyard.) Savage: “We want to put him in a high stress situation. You know, let him know we are here. We are looking for stuff and to see how his demeanor changes.”

(James’ actor: “I’ve known her for about ten years or so.” Savage actor: “Does it bother you that Greg was dating your ex?” James actor, shrugging: “No, you know, not all that much. I mean it’s a …she was no longer interested in me, so I said, ‘Well, hey, man, go for it and he’s like, sure, so he did.”) Savage: “He didn’t change a whole lot. Very calm.” (And the search turns up no evidence.) (graphics: actor Savage turning to James’ actor, “Thanks.” (The next day, Keihl submits to a polygraph examination.) D. Savage tape: “The results came back with inconclusive results. Inconclusive just means that they can’t tell if he’s lying and they can’t tell if he’s telling the truth. There is something going on. He may be hiding something but it’s not enough to say he is ABSOLUTELY lying.” (actor James’ receiving this information from actor Savage at the police station.
Actor James: “I’ll take another exam.” Savage: “In ten days?” James: “Yeah.”) While they wait, Savage asks psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick to come to Xenia. D. Savage: “Sure we are getting closer?” (actor Savage talking to actress Kirkpatrick.) He hopes that by being in the area, she can lead him to Greg’s body.

Kirkpatrick: “I’m sure this is right.” (actor Savage continues talking to actress Kirkpatrick, now in a car, as they drive around the area. Karyol guides the detective along the route she feels the killer took after the murder.) Savage: “And she took me up to the Clifton area. Clifton is where John Bryan is and where James lived.” (actress Kirkpatrick: “I see it’s very near here.”) (In her earlier visions, she heard rushing water.) Kirkpatrick: “We went up and down a lot of roads looking until I found the sound that I had heard in my mind.” (actress Kirkpatrick pointing out the window, leading Savage actor Savage: “Getting closer?”) … closer to James Keihl’s street, his house Savage: “She did not just take me to the area, she took me within oh, a hundred yards of James’ house. So it was, it was good. It was good.” (actors portraying them in the car.) Kirkpatrick: “To the right. And I said, ‘I feel every time we go around this block, we are driving around the body. I can sense it. It’s near. He’s near.” Savage: “And she gave me a comfort because she’s giving me confirmation that I’m on the right track without ever having information presented to her.

(Savage keeps Keihl in his sights … actors driving around) Savage: “Every time, on the way home from work or whatever, I make an opportunity to ride by. Make sure James knew I was still there. And then, by accident, one day we pull up beside each other at a stop light and I look over and wave.” (Actors showing this …)

Savage: “You know, I’m here. He was not real receptive back. You could see like, ‘I don’t like him always being here.’ He goes on his way and I went on my way. And, ironically about that, it was the day before his second polygraph was to take place.” (The pressure must have been too much.) Graphics: D. Savage and others at the police station, pacing … Savage: “It’s been two hours (waiting for James to show), I don’t think he’s going to show.” (On the agreed upon day, Keihl doesn’t show up for the polygraph and can’t be found anywhere.)

Savage: “I know that something was given because he’s bolted on us. Which, in this case does not bother me that he ran because him running was the beginning of the end and I knew that and I, I felt good.” (No one knows where Keihl is headed. But somehow they have to bring him back.) Graphics: detectives arrive at Keihl’s home, knock on the door, sit down with parents) (Suspected killer James Keihl is on the run. While talking with Keihl’s parents, Detective Dan Savage takes a gamble.)

Savage: “I have been talking to your son lately. His mother was a person who believed in psychics and it was kind of a bold thing I thought because this could really blow up. I told her, I said: ‘Well I have been, I have been consulting a psychic and they are pretty sure that James is involved.

They said your son is involved.’ At this point I think mom and dad are starting to believe that, what has our son done?” (actress Mrs. Keihl: “Look …”) Savage: “Mom more than dad. So she goes, ‘I want to show you something … There is something I need to show you. It’s … actress Mrs. Keihl takes the detectives into the backyard and shows them two woodpiles. “That was the pile that I stacked.” Savage: “And she goes, ‘I stacked all these. But I didn’t stack that one over there like that.’ She goes, ‘It’s been restacked’” (Savage remembers Karyol Kirkpatrick’s visions.) Savage: “I’m standing there and I’m hearing the water and I’m seeing the fence and I’m, I’m looking at this wood, this chopped wood, and I’m thinking, you know that could have been what she had seen. And it’s all flooding in. And I called Dan (Donahue). I said, ‘Where are you at?’ I said, “Get on back here.’ We started moving the wood off. We dug a little off the top. Probably within four inches, we come across denim. Reached down and …” (on screen the actors re-enact this) Savage: “ … just kind of tugged on it to see if it’s just a piece of cloth and he said ‘No, we’re stopping.’ We found it. We have found Greg.” (The detectives cannot believe Keihl remained so calm during the search of his room.)

Savage: “What was ironic about everything, we are standing in his bedroom with him and while I’m talking to him, he’s telling me I don’t know where Greg is. And the whole time we were talking, Greg is buried 12 feet from me. So then we start trying to find where James is.” (actress Mrs. Keihl: “We have got relatives in California. That’s the only place I can think he would go.”) Savage: The parents had discussed that he has relatives in California and he may be going there. So I asked that one of the detectives head up to the Greyhound Station. And they went up there, they did comfirm for us that a one way ticket had been purchased to that destination.” (They will try to intercept Keihl when the bus stops in Las Vegas.) Savage:

“So, I get out there, meet with the Las Vegas Metro. They sent a couple of guys down and we go down to the bus station. They throw on a couple of Greyhound jackets, take some brooms and go out and start sweeping.” (actors doing this enactment) Savage: “James took one step onto the pavement and they spun him and cuffed him and he was in custody. And that was it.” (actors doing this enactment actor Savage: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.)

(Keihl finally admits to the murder. He says he was jealous of Greg’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend and decided to confront him.) (enactment actors—Doug and James—Dec. 3rd at the apartment complex James: ‘She’s MY girl. She’s mine!” Doug: “And what are you going to do?”) (Police first found no evidence of a shooting but Karyol knew it happened.) (enactment actors—Doug and James James raising a rifle to shoot Doug) Savage: “We now know there was a gunshot. In the autopsy they found a 22 round. Greg had been shot in the stomach. (When the shot –in truth there were three, one to the abdomen, two to the head—didn’t kill Greg, Keihl attacked with a hatchet (roofing axe)) (reenactment actors showing this—{in truth the first blow to the back of Doug’s head split it to the nape of his neck, his face remained intact so the second blow was across the bridge of Doug’s nose, although his body remained intact James tried to decapitate and dismember the body---12 more blows with the axe stand as testimony to this}
(He transported the body down Route 72 {in the front seat of a white truck} and Route 42, just as Karyol envisioned, then buried him under the woodpile {in his backyard}) (Karyol had seen a blue car. And investigators recovered a drop of Greg’s blood from a blue car Keihl was driving. Detectives now know why.) (reenactment of James and Savage with blue car) Savage: “Greg had never been in that car.” (actor Savage: “What’s that right there?”) Savage: “He had never been in that trunk. There was no reason for his blood to be there …” (actor James getting out of the blue car and putting something in the trunk) Savage: “… except that James had forgotten that when he cleaned out the vehicle he did transport Greg in, he moved his bowling bawl and the pegs on the bottom of the bag had transferred blood into the car.” (James Keihl pleads guilty to murdering Greg Turner and receives 20 years to life in prison.

Greg’s mother, Sandra Corona.) Me: “I felt very alone, devastated. I could not see why anyone would want to kill my son. But I wanted to do something to honor my son and to preserve his memory. I began writing about the small things that he did. He knew I loved roses and he knew my favorite color was yellow. One year, he and his father bought a rosebush. When it was time for them to give me the rosebush, I looked at Doug's hands and they were all bloodied and I was like, ‘Sweetheart, what happened to your hands?’ And he said, “They had thorns, Mom and I didn’t want you to get your hands stuck on a thorn.” So he had taken all the thorns off, so I wouldn’t get blood on my hands. But his little hands were all torn to pieces and that was my first poem dedicated to my son, ‘Yellow Roses’. (shows me looking through an old photo album and focuses upon a photo of Doug when he was a young teenager)
Not related to Doug's half-hour: A loving couple {in the first half-hour} slain by their own child. A caring young man, alive only in his parents’ hearts. for every life taken, mourning families remain. Police did all they could, working with psychics to bring justice and closure for those left behind.
The End
 **my ebook, “Wings”, is dedicated to/about my son, Gregory Douglas Turner, with many family photos