Hi!  I'm Sandy!

 The Seven Wonders of the World, in my opinion, are:
1) to see
2) to hear
3) to touch
4) to taste
5) to feel
6) to laugh
7) and to love
and the source for ALL wonders is:
Jesus Christ.
Water to wine

An Irish priest is driving down to New York and gets stopped for speeding.

The state trooper smells alcohol on the priest's breath along with an empty wine bottle lying on the floor of the car.

He says, "Sir, have you been drinking?"

"Just water," says the priest.

The trooper says, "Then why do I smell wine?"

The priest looks at the bottle and says, "Good Lord! He's done it again!"

Photographs by my dear friend, Doug O.

My dad, Lee Griffith, wrote this poem to Mom abt. 1945


I bring you a dewdrop
smiling in sweet repose
as it sparkles; smothered in perfection,
deep in the heart of a rose.
The rose is red; the stem is green.
The days have passed that we have seen.
The days to come will not be few
and I'd like to spend them all with you.

Some of my awards and accomplishments

Won Honorable Mention in the National Wyoming Poetry contest, 2002, for "Yellow Roses" and won the President's Award, Iliad Press, Jan. 2003, and Honorable Mention Nov. 2002 for my poem, "Always On My Mind". Other poetry Awards: newborn, listed in “Who’s Who in Poetry” by the Amhurst Society, 1995 Yellow Roses, winner of the Guy Gilchrist International Poetry Contest, Spring 1999 Love Is A Rose, fourth place Honorable Mention Award, Iliad Press, spring 2000 Never Without You, fourth place Honorable Mention Award, Guy Gilchrist International Poetry Contest, Spring 2000 It Had To Be You, Iliad Press Honorable Mention Award, fall 2000 The Fog, Fourth Place “A Season of Uncertainty” Poetry contest, fall 2000 Sandals of Time, received President’s Award for Literary Excellence, Jan. 2001 Faceless Child, received Famous Poet Award and Prometheus’ Muse of Fire trophy from Famous Poets Society Jan, 2001 Contributor Award 2000, Ancient Wind Press, Jan. 2001 Other Awards Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio) Foresters, Member of the Year, 1978 Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio) Foresters, Member of the Year, 1980 Veterans Administration (Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio), 50th Anniversary Award (for volunteer work) one of only three women honored, May, 1980 Miami Valley Chapter (Dayton, Ohio) Epilepsy Association Award, 1980 Ohio State Special Olympics Award, 1980 Top Ten Women in the Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio), 1981 Citations from the Ohio State Senate, 1981 Citations from the Ohio House of Representatives, 1981 ***Invited by President Carter to be part of an international entertainment exchange group, "Sal's Sillies," but declined honor; unable to raise funds for trip to Egypt.

2005 News:
1) Liberty Cried (9/11 Poem), has been moved to the Select Scribe forum and is this week's showcased work. Your masterful tapestry of words mirrors the emotions our nation felt and still feels when recalling that fateful day. The piece is very well crafted and most deserving of recognition.Thank you for joining our humble web community of artists and thank you for sharing your works. ~serenepoetress, Laura, Passion Poetry 2) Selected as Poet of the Month at (Jan. 2005) at BC Poetry http://www.bcpoetry.com 3) My short story, "Robbed," based on true events, was published (June 2005) in an English pre-law textbook, "Modern English Short Stories for Critical Thinking Classes," Alex Russo Balti University, Republica Moldova. 4) I've been selected to appear in 2006's "Who's Who Among America's Women" ... which should be available in Feb/March 2006. 5) I was interviewed about a neighbor of ours (when we lived in Los Banos, CA.), Chris, who was brutally murdered by her daughter and the interview is part of a book. The book, "Witch," by Glenn Puit will be available Dec. 3, 2005. 6) I was interviewed by a crew from TLC channel's, "Psychic Witness," concerning the murder of my only son, Gregory Douglas Turner, Dec. 3, 1992, Xenia, Ohio. The program will air in Feb/March 2006.

Doogie’s 2005 News:
1) Was one of his schools winners in the Atta Boy 300 poster contest (art was done in Braille) in January 2005. Won a T-shirt and a dog sled ride with Rachel Scdoris, the only blind person in the nation’s major race in Alaska. 2) Won a book in Braille in both January and February 2005. 3) Saved the life of one of his aides in May. A diabetic, his aide was near a coma when Doogie, unable to communicate with her, INSISTED his classroom teacher assist her NOW! Received a certificate from his school! 4) Participated in the Oregon School for the Blind track meet in May---won 1st place in every event but ball toss. Second place ribbon for ball toss as he kept throwing it ‘out of bounds’ J! 5) Came in second in the National Braille ‘Readers Are Leaders’ contest in the Print to Braille division. Received a t-shirt, $25, and a certificate at school in June. 6) Was a leader the week he went to blind camp (July 2005) at Oregon State School for the blind.

2008 News: 
1) My story, Bride of a Hillbilly, was published in 'Reminence' Oct. 2008, won a car.

2009 News:
1) I published my illustrated poetry book, An Artistic Appreciation of Jesus, with blurb.com in June.  It sells at $42.50 + $10.50 p/s/h so likely will not sell well

2) I designed and 'Grandmother Earth' accept the logo I submitted to them.  Yeah!  (Oct.)

3) My short story, 'Church Mice', won first place ($50) in the humorous prose category, Grandmother Earth, and was published in their December booklet of winners.

4) My short story, 'Watermelon Seeds', won honorable mention in the humorous prose category, Grandmother Earth, Dec.

2010 News:
1) I self-published "A Little Hope" in January followed by "Wings" in February.

2) My daughter became pregnant, miscarried and got pregnant again shortly thereafer.  A lot of family stuff going on.

3) Went to my 45th high school reunion, Stebbins High School, Dayton, Ohio Class of 1965 in August.

2011 News:
1) Sold my first short story, "Skeleton in the Closet" in January!
     My poem, "Whose Hand" will also be published on their website!

2) Sherry gave birth Feb. 23rd to my second biological granddaughter, third 
    biological grandchild: Victoria   Elizabeth Herrera.  She weighed 6 lbs. 8 ozs.,
    19" long, black hair, blue eyes and HEALTHY!

The Wizard of Oz

   My favorite movie of all times is 'The Wizard of Oz'!

If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.
- Mary Pickford, BeliefNet.com

We live by encouragement and die without it--slowly, sadly and angrily. 
--Celeste Holm, Feb. 15th, 2010, The Bulletin, Bend, Or.  B2