I designed and sewed all the outfits shown below--in fact designed all the costumes (except individual clown costumes) worn by members of my clown troupe, Sal's Sillies. 
  Sewing from an early age, I also designed and created most of my formals.

My Family

Married twice: Dan Turner and then to Al Corona
Children: one son, Gregory Douglas Turner, Aug. 8, 1969-Dec. 3, 1992
               one daughter, Sherry Elizabeth Turner Herrera, Nov. 1971-
                   grandson, Christian Douglas "Doogie" Turner, April 1994 (blind, whom we're raising)
                   granddaughter, Mariah Lynn Herrera, Feb. 2006
                   granddaughter, Victoria Elizabeth Herrera, Feb. 2011
+ two daughters and two sons by marriage
26 grandchildren and soon to be eleven great-grandchildren
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