"A Little Hope"
in paperback
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  An Illustrated Poetry Book, 'A Little Hope', was published in paperback in June, 2000, Limited Edition, by Ancient Wind Press.  The editor chose from a variety of my poems, illustrations and short stories to make this an 'autobiographical' illustrated poetry book.  Currently out of print, we hope to make it available ... reprint ... some time later in 2010.

Book Reviews: A Little Hope

Hi Sandra,  
I completed your book "A Little Hope."  

An extraordinary review from the cover to the close.  Exceptional artwork.  Poems of fun, delight, faith and soul searching...  

Frilly, Dilly, Pickelo is a delightful and whimsical  tale...  

Refuge for the Soul is a fun way to tell a story and wants you to walk into the scene with the little girl on the horse or sit on the landing...  

Sandra your book "A Little Hope." is your life as you let us look inside of your heart and we can hold your hand if only for a brief moment in life...  

Sandra your artwork is beautiful.  You capture each story with an artwork of your own or a picture of loved ones.   Thank you so much Sandra,  

The pencil artwork is finely detailed.  Thanks for sending it to me.  

Sandra, A beautiful person to know, talk to, and laugh with.  Sandra that's you.   Love, and blessings fulfill you as you write...  
Mary Ann Biddinger visual artists group/Sandra Corona 

I think your work is good.   John Biddinger 

Anything Goes

Might as well wear purple and orange ...
nobody's looking my way since I've turned old and gray.
I'll put a hollyhock in my hair.  Let folks stare!
I may wear underwear but, anything goes.
Might as well wear red-and-white stripped tights,
give me a polka-dot blouse, a skirt with a mouse.
My broad-rimmed hat's trimmed in marabou
with plastic wrapped fruit on the top.
On my back it says, 'STOP!  Flop!' ... Anything goes.
Maybe I should try an Afro 'do,'
wear yellow, rubber, rain boots,
an uplifting bra ... boosts.
I cannot sit in a rocking chair shucking beans
or make cookies.  I'd rather be kooky
as ... anything goes.
I'm going to wear purple and orange ...
perhaps a black leather suit.
I'm past giving a hoot!
Give me bright colors, all florescent,
a top plunged to HERE ...
or there, maybe shun underwear.
I'm at the age, nearing the close ...
so anything goes!

A Shack Named John

There was a silly gal ignorant of the country.
The oddest contraption she ever did see
was a worn, little shack with a moon in the center.
Sagging and ancient, she feared it would splinter.
"Honey, what is that?"
Her honey held a snigger.
"Can we take this thing back?"
He shrugged, "Honey, a John?"
She couldn't help but stare when workers came running.
Soon a line was forming outside of the shack.
"Honey, get the video!" the city gal screamed.
Posing by the wooden door, she nearly got creamed.
"Honey, film me by John."
The workers all sniggered. 
"Get that moon overhead?"
"Sweetheart, that shack's a John!"
Envisioned, Honey threw a party for friends.
She spoke of the country, the oddity of things--
of little pink piglet and insects with wings.
"They're one-of-a-kind, but this one is mine."
She unveiled her John.
"It's a shrine they visit.
"What's its' name again, Dear?"
Red-faced, he whispered, "It's John."

Scarlet Rose

The scarlet rose stared, amazed,
moved back ... jarred by your gaze
petals open--it's their duty
some blooms bask in beauty.
Scarlet, jealous, sharpened thorns
like a devil wearing horns
the rose was so conceited
you were what she needed.
I had to share your beauty with the rose!
Scarlet told others far and near
they each looked into their mirror.
Many flowers are beautiful;
they fade and die a fool
but, like violets so serene,
your soul inside is clean.
Scarlet red in misery,
her petals history.
I had to share your beauty with the rose!
The rose was so conceited;
you were what she needed.
Scarlet red in misery,
her petals history.
I had to share your beauty with the rose.
It's not the endless pampering ... how it grows.
I had to show your beauty to the rose,
show her how pure beauty truly glows.
Beauty is as beauty does ... and it shows.
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